All VHS and Laserdisc in Walt Disney Golden Cartoons.

VHS Edit

Cover Title Released Featured shorts
N/A A Wonderful Yesterday November 14, 1981
N/A Scary Tales October 14, 1981
N/A Silly Symphonies July 12, 1982
N/A Donald's Yesterday November 14, 1982
N/A Animal Facts November 14, 1983
N/A Spooky Creatures November 14, 1984
N/A Wonderful Day November 14, 1990
N/A Saturday November 14, 1991
N/A Join the Adventurer November 14, 1992
N/A All the Friends November 14, 1993
N/A Join the World November 14, 1994
N/A Specials with Friends November 14, 1994
N/A Friends for Me October 14, 1994
N/A Animal Friends November 14, 1994

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