Salty the Seal-1-

Salty the Seal is a recurring character in the Pluto cartoons.

He is a seal who tends to show up in typical seal locations (the circus, the beach, the zoo, the arctic) and annoy Pluto into chasing him, causing Pluto to get into dangerous predicaments. Salty typically saves him, leading Salty and Pluto to become best friends—until Salty's next appearance, when the cycle begins again.

Salty's debut appearance came in Mickey's Circus (1936), in which he tormented Donald Duck. Pluto's Playmate (1942), Rescue Dog (1947) and the particularly famous Mickey and the Seal (1948) followed. Pluto's Seal Deal (1999) marked the first of Salty's more recent roles. Salty's most recent appearances are in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.



  • Mickey's Circus (1936)
  • Baggage Buster (1941) (cameo)
  • Pluto's Playmate (1942)
  • Mickey and the Seal (1948)
  • Pluto's Seal Deal (1999)