Little Bear in a Cave
Season 1, Episode 89
Air date November 14, 2015
Written by Little Bear
Directed by Little Bear
Episode guide
The Greatest Unicorn
Little Bear in a Cave season of Little Bear (TV series).

Plot Edit

When to the nightmare's bats an evil Grumpy Bear his your Little Bear's bedroom Hen, Owl, Cat and Duck when to the Grumpy Bear's evil cave his scared by the Little Bear looks the instincts and bats going into the Grumpy Bear's lair Duck afraid of the bats his evil grumpy bear meet Cat and Owl makes Little Bear afraid of bats his scary cave looking about Duck and Cat who his a Grumpy bear chase Little Bear, Hen, Duck, Owl and Cat tell Little Bear quote "Grumpy Bear's defeat" Grumpy Bear running into a dark path his death his Cat, Hen, Owl, Duck and Little Bear taking a cave.

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