Gus Goose is often seen with food.

Gus Goose is Donald Duck's second cousin, and the great-nephew of Grandma Duck.

Gus's main personality trait is being quite gluttonous, as Donald discovered the hard way when Gus came for a visit in Gus' first appearance, the 1939 animated short Donald's Cousin Gus.

Within the Disney comics, Gus is usually shown as living on Grandma Duck's farm outside of Duckburg, where he works as her farmhand. Along with his gluttony, Gus is shown in the comics as being quite lazy, often doing little if any work on Grandma's farm.

Gus made no appearances in DuckTales, but there is a background character in the series, Vacation Van Honk, who looks very much like Gus.

Recently, Gus Goose appeared in the 2000s animated series Disney's House of Mouse, as the club's gluttonous chef, speaking only in honks rather than words. He also made non-speaking cameo appearances in both Mickey's Christmas Carol and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

The friend and neighbor Gustav Goose from Quack Pack is probably not the same as Cousin Gus since there are very few similarities (aside from the name and general size of the character). Some confusion is also caused by the German comicbook version of Gladstone Gander being referred to as "Gustav Gans" ("Gustav Goose").